Influencer marketing
Editorial post on blog, Instagram and sponsored videos on Youtube is the most effective way to reach out to your customers. We create your campaigns and find the right influencers representing your brand.
Management and booking
We exclusive represent some influencers in collaboration, press inquiries, contracts and booking. We work strategically to strengthen their brand, conclude beneficial cooperation and promote their artistic development.
Media production
We produce video material for our clients, completely according to their wishes and execution, to create the perfect campaign.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is all about working with influential people who have a strong network and high reliability. By getting influencers to promote your brand through social media, you can reach out to a devoted audience that match people you want to reach. Marketing with influencers is authentic as it is seen in the consumer’s natural life.

Influencer marketing is the most accurate way for a company to reach the right consumers. We will match you with the right influencers.

Make a successful campaign

Collaborate with our influencers to reach out to your customers and make a successful campaign. In an era where TV commercials and print in magazines provide less impact than in the past, it is the best way to be advertised through social media.

We have many years experience in marketing and would like to help you make a successful campaign together with our influencers.

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